Why digitise now?

If not now, then when?

Increase your business efficiency with us!

1. Efficient

2. Reduce processing time

3. Reduce miscommunication via email tracking, paper trail

4. Manage manpower and administration

5. Automate process in stages of development 

6. Reduce operational cost

7. Increase Transparency in operation

8. Real Time mapping

9. All on one platform.

10. Improve customer experience.

11. Auto-fill customers repeated booking data.

12. Pricing fixed by operator for your chosen clients.

13. Data collection of vessel travels to fuel consumption.

14. Digitalisation of customer data and activity log sheet.

15. Easy search and retrieval of records and data through digitalisation.

16. Made by Team Singapore, for Singapore's sea & water traffic as a model for development for the rest of the world.

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